Anaphase Store donating to 2 Charities

This year we have chosen two charities to support as a business. We have chosen Home-start which helps woman, men & children in difficult/hard situations and help make things easier, we will be donating Tesco vouchers so families who are having trouble financially - will have a Christmas dinner or some money to make their Christmas that little bit better.

The second :- we are teaming up with a charity to donate items for the homeless. We are creating some backpacks full of helpful items along with food, hats, blankets etc to give people who are less fortunate then us a little comfort during this time of year which can be difficult for some. We will have some help from the Sales team at Euroclad this year to bulk up what we give (big shout out to them)!

If you are interested in donating please get in contact to find out how or if you want to help and you are not close to us but need some ideas on what to donate to the homeless - drop us a message and we can give you some ideas