Founder Carly featured on SheCan365

Day 57: "The first enterprise award I won was for picking myself back up after taking a massive punch to the face!" Today's #SheCan365story is told by T-shirt entrepreneur Carly Thompsett, who founded Anaphase Store and is a business mentor for The Prince's Trust.

How many times have you faced business failure before finding success?

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Carly Publishes Her Own Book

Yasssssss my finished book has finally arrived!!! 

You can purchase it here:

Please note: this can take up to 10 days to arrive! Don’t all rush at once 😂😂

Blurb ‘‘Young unemployed girl who lives in New York, finds her perfect job on line, accidentally meets her new boss when on her way out to meet her friends, gets the job and helps turn around a company that is failing, dates her child hood friend, to find she falls in love with a lead singer of band she’s interviewing for the company she works for, helps her ‘little brother’ get the love of his life back and has a few challenges in-between - Her boyfriends band is given the opportunity to tour England; but does she has to chose to go with them or have her baby in New York and be without him for 6 months……………’

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